Organic Mulberry Silk Baby Cot Fitted Sheet


Allow your baby to sleep like a little emperor on the softest 19 momme orgnaic mulberry silk cot fitted sheet (or 19 momme organic silk).

The cot fitted sheet will let your babies delicate hair glide effortlessly on smooth silk, avoiding bald patches and promoting hair growth where bald spots already present.

This pure silk fitted sheet is gentle on your baby’s skin thanks to its exceptional breathability and hypoallergenic characteristics, making it the ideal sleeping surface for babies with eczema and other skin irritations.

Silk has an amazing ability to regulate temperature, cooling down the baby if he is hot and warming him up if the baby is too cold.

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– Reduce Asthma and allergies caused by dust mites
– Support eczema and skin irritation relief
– Encourage your infant to sleep deeply, comfortably, and safely.
– Machine washable
– Reduce friction, hair loss, and knotting in infants
– Assist in the regeneration of newborn bald patches in a natural way.
– Keep your baby’s natural oils and moisture in place for healthy skin and hair.
– Maintain your baby’s temperature by keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Cot Sheet Sizes

Large 130 x 66 x 14cm, Standard 117 x 56 x 14cm