Pure Mulberry Silk Baby Cot Slip


Our 22 momme mulberry pure silk cot slips are a miracle, preventing newborn bald patches and allowing you to snuggle your baby in soft silk.

It fits perfectly over your cot mattress, allowing for a smooth barrier between your baby’s head and the sheet.

Breathable, hydrating, and antimicrobial, pure silk helps to regulate your baby’s temperature, resulting in the little one waking up well-rested with healthy skin and hair.

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– Reduce Asthma and allergies caused by dust mites
– Support eczema and skin irritation relief
– Encourage your infant to sleep deeply, comfortably, and safely.
– Machine washable
– Reduce friction, hair loss, and knotting in infants
– Assist in the regeneration of newborn bald patches in a natural way.
– Keep your baby’s natural oils and moisture in place for healthy skin and hair.
– Maintain your baby’s temperature by keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Ivory White, Pearl Stars, Pink Hearts

Cot Slip Sizes

Large 130 x 66 x 40cm, Standard 117 x 56 x 40cm