Care Instructions

With proper care and maintenance, this luxury pillowcase will provide years of comfort.
Even though our silk pillowcases feel extremely soft on the surface, they are also very thick and durable. Silk has a high tensile strength which allows it to withstand great pulling pressure. In ancient China, silk was used as part of the under-armour garment to stop arrow penetration into the body.

Always take off your make-up and mascara before you go to bed. Not only would your skin benefit by being able to breath, rest and recover, but your white silk pillowcase would not stain. Do not bleach.

For best results, hand wash your pillowcase inside out in a normal temperature of cold water, using a mild neutral detergent.

Most modern washing machines have a gentle silk or wool cycle, so you can confidently wash it at 30 degrees Celsius. Place the pillowcase in a laundry bag before placing it in the washing machine. Wash separately from colours.

Avoid tumble-drying and direct sunlight. When 80 – 90% dry, iron inside out using a low or silk setting.

Do not use cotton cycle on your washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius. This will cause the loss of softness.

Small tip from our silk specialists:

When rinsing add a small spoon of vinegar, it will prevent the silk from stiffening, and it will keep it soft and bright in colour.

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